2017 Pontiac Trans Am Price Bandit

In 2015, a Tallahassee-based business called Trans Am Worldwide revealed a little car called the Trans Am Bandit edition at the New York Auto Show. The clothing had actually acquired the Pontiac name and badge rights, taken a fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro and utilized it as the jump-off to offer the world what a Pontiac Trans Am would appear like had Pontiac continued to make Screaming Chickens. The Bandit Edition featured an 840-horsepower LT1 engine, custom-made seats, hand-painted decals and Burt Reynold’s signature on the dash. It’s tough to top such a stunning production, however Trans Am Worldwide owners Tod and Scott Warmack have actually done exactly that. 2017 Pontiac Trans Am

2017 Pontiac Trans Am Engine and Specs

Meet the 2017 Trans Am Super Duty. It’s based upon a sixth-gen Camaro, the all brand-new Alpha platform (which likewise underpins Cadillac’s super-sedan ATS-V). Chief designer and engineer Tom Sawyer provided the front and rear fascia’s a total facelift, leading to the most OEM-looking Pontiac Trans Am that Pontiac didn’t develop. Excellent as the looks are, the efficiency is where things get correctly bonkers.

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Utilizing the exact same 7.4-liter V-8 LT1 base engine, there’s now a Magnuson Supercharger atop the block. There’s some other engineering magic in there too, thanks to a premier NASCAR engine home builder from Virginia, and the powerplant now produces a tremendous 1,000 horse power and 1,046 lb-ft of torque. We’ll provide you a minute to absorb those ridiculously remarkable numbers.

That’s more horses than the highly-anticipated Dodge Demon (a simple 840-hp), more than the Camaro ZL1 (650) and more than a Ferrari 488 (660). With specs like those, it’s uncertain exactly what will yell louder when you mash the accelerator to the flooring: the Trans Am Super Duty or you.

2017 Pontiac Trans Am Price and Release

Prices has yet to be set, however anticipate it to be in the six-figures, which does consist of the expense of the donor Camaro. Desire one? Act rapidly. Trans Am Worldwide will just be making 50 of these beasts. We dropped in to talk with Tod Warmack about his newest offering.

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2017 Trans Am Bandit Edition 840hp – video

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